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Our friend Dr Sergio Con-Chin is interviewed by a Costa Rican newspaper about the ingenious Japanese technique called endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD)
learned at the National Cancer Center (Tsukiji, Tokyo).
Please click the photo to read the whole interview in Spanish.

Cirugía elimina cáncer gástrico temprano por endoscopia – ALDEA GLOBAL:: – nacioncom

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Nuestro amigo Dr Sergio Con-Chin es entrevistado por un diario costarricense acerca de la ingeniosa técnica japonesa disección endoscópica de la submucosa (DES) aprendida en el Centro Nacional de Cáncer (Tsukiji, Tokio).

Por favor, haga clic en la foto para leer la entrevista completa en español.

Capsule Endoscopy

2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to undergo capsule endoscopy.Capsule endoscopy is a way to record images of the digestive tube.
The capsule is the size and shape of a pill and contains a tiny camera. After a patient swallows the capsule, it takes pictures of the inside of the gastrointestinal tract.

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